Dehumidifier Box

  • Dehumidifier Box For Damp Rooms

    There are many places where the dehumidifier box for damp rooms can be used. It can be used not only for wardrobe dehumidification, but also for the computer, piano, bedroom, camera, stereo, etc., which can be used for dehumidification.
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  • Refillable Moisture Absorber With Fragrance

    Calcium chloride granule has the ability to absorb water that achieved by chemical reactions. So our refillable moisture absorber with fragrance is taken calcium chloride as main ingredient, which possesses many advantages as desiccant.
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  • Refillable Dehumidifier Box

    R​efillable interior dehumidifier takes great quality calcium chloride as main component, can absorb excess moisture well to prevent mold & mildew and helps protect against damp and condensation.
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  • High Capacity Dehumidifer Box

    Type: High capacity refillable dehumidifier box
    Capacity: 700ml, 800ml, 900ml
    Raw material: Calcium chloride, Aromatic particles, or Active carbon
    Fragrance: Jasmine, lavender, Lemon, Active carbon
    Application: Bedroom, living room,...
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  • Interior Dehumidifier Box

    The interior dehumidifier box is a product composed of calcium chloride and activated carbon particles for adsorbing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC.
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  • Calcium Chloride Dry Box Moisture Absorber

    Our Calcium Chloride Dry Box Moisture Absorber plays the role of moisture - proof dehumidification. Select high-purity calcium chloride particles, it is able to achieve a long time continuous effect in addition to wet (with the humidity situation varies).
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  • Air Purifier Odor Eliminator For Fridge

    Made of environmental protection activated carbon material, our air purifier odor eliminator can not only remove any unpleasant odor from fridge but also can kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause disease so that you can store your dishes fresh and...
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  • Activated Charcoal Deodorant For Fridge

    Description Activated charcoal is a natural harmless natural materials, whican can be used at ease to remove the odor of your refrigerators with its deodorant body. In this way, our activated charcoal deodorant for fridge is a environment-friendly product which can release...
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  • Activated Carbon Refrigerator Deodorizer

    This activated carbon refrigerator deodorizer adopts carbon fiber to refine the chip, which can quickly remove benzene, ammonia and other odors in the air. The convenient built-in hanger hooks onto the bottom of shelving in the fridge, in closets, pantries, and more. It has...
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  • Disposable Dehumidifier Box

    Available model for the disposable interior dehumidifier:
    300ml/100g,400ml / 190g, 500ml/236g, 600ml/280g
    Size: 15.1*8.6*6.4 cm, 15.1*8*8.5, cm, 15.1*8.10.6, cm, 15.1*8*13.5cm
    Ingredient: calcium chloride granule
    Type: fragrance free or...
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  • Scented Interior Dehumidifier

    ​The raw material of interior dehumidifier is calcium which excess moisture to prevent mold & mildew and helps protect against damp & condensation. Helps eliminate musty odors. Absorbs moisture up to 2 times its own weight.
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  • with Activated Charcoal Dehumidifier Box

    ​The raw material of interior dehumidifier box is calcium chloride which can trap excess moisture to prevent from moisture damage and helps protect against damp and condensation. We plus additional activated charcoal to eliminate musty odors. Absorbs moisture up to 2 times...
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