Humidity Control Packet

Chunwang is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Humidity Control Packet in China. It has its own processing plant and welcomes the wholesale Humidity Control Packet.
1.Never produce any other flavor, using ultrafiltration membranes to release only pure water vapor.
2.According to your requirements, you can choose 2 way humidity control packs of different sizes. The smaller the number is suitable for small containers and travel humidors. Our larger packaging is not suitable. For desktop humidors and large containers, you need to use large sizes. 2 way humidity control packs monitors ambient humidity and adds or removes moisture to maintain a design RH accuracy of +/- 1% without activation or maintenance.
3.Sealed in a highly isolated plastic bag. Keep the zipper closed and you can expect to keep it fresh for 2 years before you are ready to use it.
4.Place 2 way humidity control packs in an airtight container and the relative humidity will control the RH level printed on the package. Perfect humidity is essential to keep smoking materials fresh at all times.
  • Cigar Box Moisture Control Packet

    Maintaining proper humidity is essential to protect the quality of the herbs and the quality of the cigars. The cigar box moisture control packet will prevent the loss of active ingredients in the cigar. If terpenes are lost, this can result in up to 10% organic weight loss,...
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  • Two Way Humidification Packet

    The two way humidification packet offers a variety of RH levels that provide a perfect and stable environment for the storage of tobacco, wood reeds, food and herbs. It guarantees a constant humidity level without fluctuations or circulation, and it also eliminates the...
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  • Two Way Humidity Control Packet

    Two way humidity control packet is the most important part of keeping a cigar in a normal state. Keeping your cigars properly humidified is one of the easiest aspects of collecting quality cigars. However, this is also one of the things that attracts cigar smokers. This is...
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  • 2 Way Humidity Control Packs

    Use these 2 way humidity control packs to reduce the relative humidity of dry herbal containers. Each contains a different amount of desiccant and is used as a two-way humidity control system. These desiccant packs are capable of maintaining a corresponding humidity to...
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  • 2 Way Humidification System Replacement Packets

    2 way humidification system replacement packets embodies various characteristics and maintains humidity in the most consistent way on the market in the way we study. 2 way humidification system replacement packets not only add or remove moisture.
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  • Guitar Humidity Control Packet

    No matter how expensive the guitar is, it requires regular maintenance. Because the wood is very thin and has a large surface area, it is easy to absorb moisture quickly and is easy to lose. When the wood loses moisture, it shrinks. When the wood absorbs moisture, it expands....
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  • Acoustic Guitar Humidity Packs

    Acoustic guitar humidity packs are the only maintenance-free two-way humidity control system for guitars. It automatically maintains an optimum 50% relative humidity (RH) level, eliminating guesswork and potential confusion associated with humidifier refilling.
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  • 2 Way Humidity Pack For Musical Instruments

    Improper storage is a huge danger to the condition of wooden instruments and needs to be protected in the right way. 2 way humidity pack for musical instruments has a humidity value of 50%, and if it exceeds 50%, it absorbs moisture. If it is lower than this value, it will...
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