Interior Dehumidifiers

1. Calcium chloride desiccant is highly hygroscopic and has a hygroscopic capacity far greater than 300% of its own weight.
2. The desiccant is double-packed with a composite membrane with excellent waterproof and breathable properties and an environmentally-friendly and wear-resistant nonwoven fabric.
3. All calcium chloride desiccants are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. It consists mainly of calcium chloride and food grade binders. The calcium chloride used in the desiccant fully meets the requirements of FDA, EPA, EFSA and other food applications, and 100% does not contain DMF. No potential pollution is formed.
4. The desiccant has been tested by the world's third-party authoritative testing agencies SGS, TUV, EUROFINS, etc. It proves that it does not contain DMF (dimethyl fumarate), and the product meets the EU REACH standard and the new CLP requirements. Safe, in line with global export standards, free of any toxic substances.
6. Continuously efficient moisture absorption for up to 90 days, which is sufficient for the container's needs on any voyage.
7. Use degradable raw materials, only need ordinary garbage recovery after use.
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