Moth Tablet

Moth Tablet is based on synthetic camphor or natural camphor. If necessary, add a certain proportion of functional additives such as pigments, flavors or spices. It is mainly used for the protection of clothes, fabrics, books, archives, paper, wood and other items. , camphor, antiseptic, incense and other camphor products.
Camphor is a colorless or white crystal. It is a translucent block or powder. It is flammable, has a strong eucalyptus taste and a spicy taste. It can slowly evaporate at room temperature, and its steam can kill insects, sparrows and other small birds.
Camphor has been used as an anti-caries agent for clothing and books for nearly a hundred years. The natural camphor is present in the eucalyptus, the raw material is steam distilled to obtain camphor oil, and the camphor is obtained by distillation under reduced pressure, and the camphor is purified by sublimation. Due to the rare raw materials, natural camphor production is limited. The natural camphor is optically active (rotating the plane of vibration of the polarized light), and the synthetic camphor is not optically active.
Synthetic camphor is a series of chemical reactions, rectification, crystallization, sublimation, etc., by isomerization of terpene in turpentine, addition and esterification of decene, saponification (or direct hydration of terpenes), isohydrocephalus dehydrogenation, etc. The product obtained during the operation of the chemical unit. It is a white powdery crystal with no optical activity, aroma and refreshing sensation.
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  • PDCB Moth Tablet with Fragrance

    1. The pdcb moth tablet is takes 98% purity para-dichlorobenzene as main ingredient.
    2. The tablets are packaged by permeable paper, can keep proper volatilization, the effective time lasting reach to 3 months.
    3. Clothing moth insects repellent, prevent from...
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  • PDCB Moth Tablet Strip

    Product Name: PDCB moth tablet strip
    Weight available: 100 gram, 120 gram, 150 gram
    Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzene
    Color: white ball
    Type: strip pack with hanger
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  • Moth Bar

    Takes 98% p-dichlorobenzene and lavender scent as ingredient, the smell is fresh, competitive and practical; it can protect clothing from clothing moth invading.
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  • Moth Cake

    The main ingredient of Moth cake is para- dichlorobenzene. It was special develop for wardrobe closet, garment bags, environment for eliminate clothing moth, carpet beetles, eggs and larvae, the plastic case with hook make it easy for hanging on closet. The moth cake is a...
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  • Solid Camphor Balls by PDCB

    1. The solid camphor balls by PDCB takes 98% purity 1,4-Dichlorobenzene as main material.
    2. This product can effectively prevent from moth, insects doing damage to clothes, wardrobe, drawers.
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  • Color Toilet Deodorant Balls

    ​Product Name: Color Toilet deodorant ball
    Active Ingredients: paradichlorobenzene
    Purity: 98%
    Weight: 180gram ,200gram ,230gram, 250gram
    Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Luggage / Storage box
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  • Camphor Tablets with Fragrance

    ​Product Name: camphor tablets with fragrance
    Weight available: 50gram , 80 gram, 100 gram,150 gram
    Ingredient: camphor balls, no naphthalene
    Color: white ball
    CAS: 106-46-7
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  • PDCB Toilet Deodorant Ball

    ​1. Function: eliminate insects, deodorant Can be placed randomly, remove formaldehyde thoroughly
    2. Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzene
    3. Chemical Name: C6H4Cl2
    4. CAS No.: 106-46-7
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  • Hanging Toilet Deodorant Balls

    ​Hanging toilet deodorant balls are ideal products specially in odor removing, deodorant, insect repellent for toilet, closet, wardrobe, Luggage room and other spaces.
    Active Ingredients: para-dichlorobenzene
    Purity: 98%
    Weight: 60gram ,80 gram, 100...
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  • Toilet Naphthalene Ball

    Product Name: toilet naphthalene ball
    Active Ingredients: naphthalene ball
    Purity: 96%
    Weight: 180gram ,200gram ,230gram, 250gram
    Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Luggage /
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