Oxygen Absorber

While developing food production and food processing, food preservation is highly valued. In order to achieve food preservation, preservation, and extend the shelf life and shelf life of food, people have adopted various preservation techniques, such as refrigeration and irradiation. However, the most convenient and economical technique is to use a method such as deoxidizer preservation.
Deoxidizers are additives that absorb oxygen and slow the oxidation of foods. Deoxidizer can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria, prolong the shelf life of food, and also play a good role in preventing rancidity of oil, preventing oxidative browning of meat and preventing loss of vitamins in food.
The deoxidizer can be specifically used in baking foods to prevent mildew of cakes; it is used to prevent oxidization of myoglobin during fresh meat storage, and to achieve oxygen removal and color protection; and to inhibit fat oxidation and prevent mold growth for cooked meat products. Prevent tea leaf fading, discoloration and oxidation of vitamins in tea packaging, so if it can be dehumidified and packaged at the same time as moisture-proof and light-shielding, it can still keep green tea in the low-temperature storage for one year. New tea state; deoxidizing packaging in solid beverages, removing oxygen in the milky structure by gas balance, preventing the appearance of scent or other odor; deoxidizing packaging technology for puffing food with frying as the main process can be removed after puffing Oxygen in the sponge structure prevents oxidation of the oil; in the cereal food, deoxidation packaging removes oxygen, prevents insects and mildew; in peanuts, walnuts, and sesame, it can prevent oil and fat; in dried fruits and vegetables or In the powder, it can prevent vitamin denaturation and discoloration.
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  • Oxygen Absorber for Foods

    Oxygen absorber for food is also named oxygen scavenger. It can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold by absorbing the oxygen in the packaging, preventing from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects, aging, discoloration, rust, and extend shelf life.
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  • Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

    Weeds contain rich sugar content, are easily got mildewed and oxidized, so does the Vitamin C.
    In the period of been storage, it is easily got fermented, mildew, rot and pest. However, the rich content of carbon dioxide will accelerate weeds to softening and browning.
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  • Oxygen Scavenger for Beef Jerky

    Normal oxygen absorbers performance is easy to get reduced when oil immersed, Take beef jerky as example. Our oil resistant type oxygen absorber is specially designed for high fat food preservation, by introducing foreign advanced oil-proof packaging material. It can...
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  • Oxygen Absorber for Nuts

    Nuts roasted seeds and nuts food are nuts rich in oils, such as sunflower seeds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts and others, Prone to lipid oxidation during storage failure, mildew and other problems affecting food sensory and physical harm to consumers.
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